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 Why Seek Therapy? 

I am a big believer in the power of relationships. We are not meant to face the challenges life brings alone! Much research suggests healing comes through healthy, supportive relationships. We all need someone to journey alongside us at some point or another, and I am glad to be one such a person in your life.

People seek therapy for a variety of reasons--there truly is no reason too big or too small.  

Counselling provides a safe space to share your story, process through difficult experiences and emotions, and learn more effective/healthy ways of dealing with life's difficulties. 

Though not an exhaustive list, here are a few common reasons people seek counselling:

  • Anxiety and stress

  • Depression 

  • Lack of direction or motivation

  • Esteem

  • Addictions

  • Relational struggles

  • Life transitions

  • Desire to gain healthy coping skills

  • To gain clarity, understanding, and/or self-awareness

  • Grief/loss of a job, loved one, relationship, dream (etc.)

  • Experiences of abuse

  • Healing for past and/or present pain

  • Adjusting to physical illness

  • Suicidality

There are many benefits to counselling (again, this list is by no means exhaustive!):

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Increased insight in relationships

  • Gaining more 'tools' that help in dealing with life's stressors

  • A safe, accepting relationship

  • A safe place to try out new behaviours and communication tactics

  • Greater peace and emotional regulation

  • Healing for past and present pain

  • A place where you have permission to focus on you and your needs

  • The opportunity to brainstorm strategies for positive change with a person educated in the field of psychology and social relationships.

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