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 How Does Therapy Happen? 

Individual, Couple, Family, & Group Therapy

People may come to counselling as an individual, couple, or family unit. Alternatively, people can take part in group therapy. While I am only offering individual therapy at this time, if you are seeking couples, family, or group counselling, I would be happy to help you connect with the services you're looking for. All you need to do is ask!

In-Person or Online

Therapy can occur in person or online. While I would encourage meeting in person where able, I am also willing to offer counselling over video conferencing if desired/needed!

"How many sessions, how often, how long?"

Essentially, therapy can last as long as you'd like. Some people come for just a few sessions, while others meet with their therapist for years. The length of therapy may depend on available resources (e.g. finances/insurance coverage), goals/needs, or other factors. Upon starting our time together, it'll be helpful to loosely establish how many sessions you are hoping to meet for, as this will affect how we use our time in therapy.


Sessions are commonly weekly or bi-weekly. However, sometimes clients benefit from multiple sessions per week, or perhaps only the occasional 'tune-up' session as needs arise. Occasional sessions are more effective if we are first able to establish a good therapeutic foundation. If at all possible, I generally advise meeting weekly for the first month (minimum) so that we can establish that solid foundation together. 

The therapeutic hour lasts 50 minutes.

"What's required for successful therapy?"

Successful therapy involves active engagement on the part of both the therapist and the client. I assist and journey with you, but it is your intentionality and openness in therapy that really makes counselling effective!

"What does therapy actually look like?"

While much of therapy does include talking, there are other methods we can look to incorporate according to your interests/needs. This may include painting, music, mindfulness exercises, or other activities. See the "What to Expect" tab under "Mechanics of Therapy" for more information about what therapy looks like. 


Sessions are $90 per counselling hour.

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